How to master the upcoming computing challenges for robotics

01:54 The Computer-on-Module approach - Don’t waste time on PCB design, focus on your core competencies  
04:55 COM-HPC - the game changer for high-performance modular designs
06:55 Root of performance - the new high-performance connector  
08:40 Source of scalability - the different module sizes and definitions
12:42 Perfect match - 13th Gen Intel Core processors
13:45 congatec’s high-performance COM-HPC ecosystem
15:55 Which module for what - find the optimal form factor for your specific robotics solution


Meet The Speakers Who Made This Webinar Possible

These competent individuals are distinguished by their extensive knowledge and years of experience and are therefore true experts in their respective fields.


Claire Liu

Senior Product Marketing Manager for Industrial Automation & Robotics

Claire is an experienced product marketing manager with over 15 years global experience in the embedded computing industry with a focus on edge AI and robotics. She started her… Read More

Christian Eder

Director Market Intelligence

Christian has more than 30 years of experience in embedded computing. He is the chairman of the PICMG COM-HPC working group, and actively involved in a number of other standards… Read More

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